Hotel management Software For Hotels


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Now a days hotel management software is very useful for hotels.Hotels directly connect through OTA’s  to use hotel management software. Hotelsimply is an web based hotel management software for using all small,medium and large hotels.


Hotel management and property management system is very use full for hotel room booking options and inventory management for hotels.

Mobile POS – The Next Big Thing ?


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Is Mobile POS the next big thing? If a recent report from 451 Research is to be believed then the global installed base of mPOS devices is expected to quadruple to just over 54 million units until 2019 from the current 13 million devices. The primary reason mobile POS systems are gaining popularity is its flexibility and ease of use.

Mobile Point-Of-Sale systems are transforming the way hoteliers conduct business. Bulky and installation-heavy hardware is replaced by sleek tablets or PDA sized devices at tables and at the front desk.This saves a lot of time for the hotel staff and also helps them better interact with guests and customers. Hoteliers need not invest large cash reserves in installing POS components, hence mobile POS works out to be a cost effective solution.

Mobile POS has been transformed from a fancy gadget owned by few hotels to a standard technology used by large hotel chains. Most new age POS systems  can be directly connected to the headphone jack of a smartphone and card payments can be accepted instantly. Mobile POS systems are known to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty which in turn increases business revenue. This helps businesses gain a competitive advantage.

Hotels that have adopted mobile point of sale systems are reaping the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced waiting times. At the restaurant, waiters can transmit orders directly to the kitchen, thus reducing the service time by a large margin..During peak periods, this translates into better service for more customers and all “waiting lines are busted”.Most POS systems are being deployed in the cloud. This is advantageous for hoteliers as POS system providers follow a pay as you go model and their system is automatically set to receive the latest software updates. Mobile POS systems thus help hoteliers add more value to their service and product offering, resulting in increased revenues.

POS management systems offer a range of features, but ease of use and integration with inventory management systems emerged as the most important features. POS systems have to be designed as easy to use, equipped with intuitive layouts. Several POS systems are designed to provide a smartphone like experience to its users with the option to easily access the most frequently used functions. Smart inventory control is a foolproof way to improve profit margins. A POS system that is integrated with inventory management system helps control every ingredient and item that is used.

How PMS Can Help Streamline Your Hotel Operations


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PMS or Property Management Systems are designed to make your hotel operations efficient, minimize errors and  provide your guests the experience of a lifetime. PMS enables a certain level of automation, which allows hoteliers to concentrate on providing the best service to their guests rather than focussing on routine operational issues. An ideal PMS will empower your business to provide personalized service to every customer. As hoteliers add more properties to their business, the need for a robust and hassle free property management system becomes even greater. The Property Management System should make running a hotel an easier task.

There are several ways in which a PMS can streamline your hotel operations Given below is just a snippet of its benefits.

User Friendly Reservation System

PMS enables hoteliers to carry out routine reservation functions effortlessly. Bookings from different sources can be viewed in one place. A friendly GUI minimizes errors and delays.Overbooking becomes a thing of the past with the intuitive Property Management System. All pertinent information relating to room availability, guest preferences and profiles and room rates are easily accessible from the PMS.

Smart Reports

In order to improve, hotels must measure where they stand currently. Property Management System enables hoteliers to capture important performance measures such as revenues and cash flows. Report can also help analyse room occupancy levels across different periods. Some of the ways in which reports benefit your business are by increasing revenue, improving occupancy,  better management of reservations and inventory and creating a favourable image of the brand.

Process Driven Housekeeping Management

Property Management Systems provide tools that help housekeeping managers to keep track of all activities. An ideal PMS will help in assigning tasks to the team along with the required materials. PMS also allows managers to check status of these tasks and status of rooms. Such a system will minimize delays during check-in and also ensure that the room is always neat and tidy for the guest.

Simplified Front Desk Operations

The front desk is the nerve center of hotel operations. The front desk is the hub of information and the hotel PMS creates optimised workflows for operations at the front office. All pertinent data are grouped together in a PMS.  Routine front office tasks such as room allotment managing check-ins and check-outs can be performed with ease.

Accountable Administration

A robust Property Management System lets you configure and assign user roles. PMS allows hoteliers to assign specific rights and privileges to staff and keeps track of all activity in the form of a user log. Shift allotment is also handled with ease. Such a system improves transparency and accountability among the hotel staff.

Tips On Choosing The Best Channel Management Software


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Channel Management Software is an essential part of the hotel software suite. In an ever changing, dynamic and competitive market, channel management software helps to manage room tariff, availability across OTAs and increase profit margins. Many software providers develop solutions for channel management that may be stand alone systems or a part of larger property management systems.There will never be a ‘one size fits all’ solution for all hotels, hoteliers must understand  how their business works before investing in a channel management software.


While selecting an appropriate channel management software, cost should not be the primary factor for consideration, hoteliers must focus on the functions that the software performs and how it helps you to monitor your channels. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right channel management software.

Feature Rich User Interface

A channel management software should simplify handling large volumes of data. Tasks of a repetitive nature such as yield management, reservation tracking, rate distribution and monitoring should be accessible from a single interface.

Manual Addition Of Channels

Channel management software should enable easy manual additional of unavailable channels. Also it must offer the same functionalists for manual additions.

OTA  Liaison

A channel manager should not merely support various OTAs but enable a hotel to utilise these channels. The channel management software should act as a liaison between the hotel and the OTAG.  While there are more than hundred OTAs, customers tend to favour only a few of them. Channel Management Software must take this into account and provide connectivity to these OTAs. This will help improve the hotel’s reach and ultimately increase its revenue.

Cloud Based Channel Management Software

A cloud based system lets you stay in touch with prospective guests at all times. Business performance is improved as your business data is available anytime and can be accessed from anywhere. Also your data remains accessible even in case of server breakdown as automatic backup is periodically scheduled .

Streamlined Sales Operations

An effective channel management software must be integrated with the hotel’s booking engine and reservation system so that room inventory listing can be sent to all OTAs. This process should be automated by the software as manual updation is both costly and time consuming.  Also certain software providers offer the choice of choosing OTAs versus other channels, for some hoteliers this may be an important consideration.

Channel Specific Customization

OTAs often differ in their rate policy, some include tax while others treat tax separately.  Channel Management Software must process rates in a single format and perform the necessary calculations to arrive at the correct rate.

Hassle free Inventory Management

Inventory allocation is often a difficult task  Channel management software should allocate inventory to a single pool rather than individual OTAs. Such a system aids in easier rate management.  Promotions can be created with no fuss and sent across to the OTAs.The channel manager must also update inventory automatically and in real time to avoid a scenario where two customers book the same room.

Expanding the reach of their product offering has become an important area of focus for all hotels. Earlier only the larger hotels were able to utilize these distraction channels, but recently even mid and small size hotels are using these channels to gain a competitive advantage. To realize the goals of your distribution strategy, invest in a suitable channel management software.

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Benefits Of Using A Transport Management System


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Most businesses are apprehensive about implementing a Transport Management Software. What they don’t realize is how it can positively impact ROI and business profit margins. Transport Management Software revolutionizes the entire process of supply chain management. It performs a number of functions such as carrier selection, determination of routes and rates. There are several misconceptions surrounding TMS, that it is too expensive to implement and it does not perform better than traditional systems. It is high time that these myths are busted and the benefits of implementing a TMS are realized.

Transport Management Software helps to move consignment from the origin to the destination in an efficient and cost effective manner. Transport Management Softwares are designed for all modes and also for intermodal transport. These systems offer myriad ways to save cost and add value to your product.  If your business is planning to invest in a Transport Management Software, then here are a few benefits to encourage you to do exactly that.

Better Customer Service

Transport Management Software provides reports and analytics that help you determine the impact of your business decisions. It helps you choose the most efficient and cost effective carrier so that the shipment reaches on time.This helps you save time and money as there is no need for customer service interference.Customers are happy and yield margins improve dramatically.

Easy Document Retrieval And Better Communication

Since most TMS softwares are web based, all documents are stored. These documents can be easily retrieved, hence there is no need to search through bulky files. This fosters better communication among the consignee, the shipper, the carrier, or a third party logistics provider.

Greater Focus On Warehouse Efficiency

TMS saves time spent on actual freight management , which gives the opportunity to focus on warehouse  management. Costly mistakes that occur due to entry errors are avoided and the time spent correcting them is saved. A Transport Management System that is integrated with a warehouse management system streamlines the process of supply chain management and brings about further savings.

Automation In Transport Management

TMS implementation has to be backed by a dedicated team in order to realise the benefits of such a system. TMS provides greater organisational control, scale up as the business grows and live freight rates availability.

Smarter Inventory Management

TMS ensures that consignments reach customers on time.This gives your business the ability to better plan your inventory in hand. Managers can focus on how to better forecast inventory and reduce inventory holding costs.

Reduced Costs

Transport Management Software enables automated carrier selection based on low cost and fastest transportation time.TMS captures all details with respect to carriers including their rates, tracking details and number of transactions on a daily basis. A TMS gives you a complete picture of all shipments and also enables your business to send tracking information to your customers.

Smarter Auditing Of Freight Invoices

A Transport Management Software allow you to accept invoices from carriers electronically. These can then compared against the quoted price, so that you only pay the amount mentioned in the contract. TMS helps save time as invoices need not be checked manually and also minimizes errors in payments.


Preparing Your Hotel For A Cashless Economy


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A cashless economy brings to the fore numerous questions. How will a largely cash driven economy adapt to this change and how will industries adapt to this new system” Demonetization seems to have created a lot of chaos but there is definitely a silver lining.

The hotel and hospitality industry has seen its share of troubles as a result of demonetization. However the situation is gradually improving as hotels begin to adapt to a cashless system and realizing the benefits of such a system. Although the usual level of winter bookings has seen a decline, it is hoped that the cash crunch will distribute bookings over the lean travel seasons. Hotels can expect to see uniform bookings in the coming months.

Hotels are adapting to this situation by revamping their entire hotel management systems These hotel management systems have to combine the ease of use with robust booking engines to entice customers to go cashless and opt for online bookings. Hotels are introducing innovative strategies to encourage customers to shift over to cashless payment methods with initiatives like loyalty points and other benefits.

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Here are a few methods to prepare your hotel for a cashless economy

A Robust Booking Engine For Your Business

A website that allows seamless online bookings is the need of the hour. A robust booking engine has to be built into every hotel management system. The booking engines that are integrated across other marketing channels, digital marketing and web design removes all obstacles in the booking process. Such a system also achieves greater conversion rates and hoteliers can enjoy commission free bookings.

Explore The Convenience Of E-wallets

As a result of demonetization e-wallets such as paytm have seen a substantial increase in digital transactions. Even those with simple feature phones can use e wallets as they also allow offline transactions. Hotels can consider signing up with such firms, to do away with cash transactions.  Certain systems such as NCR Pay allows these mobile payments to be integrated with the POS (Point of Sale) machines, which further offers a trouble free experience for both hoteliers and guests.

Offer Promotions And Deals To Promote Cashless Bookings

Customers are always on the lookout for the best deals.  The best way to convert your pay-in-cash-only guests to cashless guests is to offer unbeatable deals on cashless transactions. Online discounts and e-coupons can also be used to further sweeten the deal. Hotels can either advertise these deals on their own websites or on OTAs (Online Travel Agents) to gain maximum exposure.

Offer A Holiday Instead Of Just Accommodation

Adventurous souls can no longer indulge in spur of the moment travel plans. One must have small denomination notes in hand to hire a vehicle for sightseeing, engage the services of a guide or even have a meal en route to your destination. Hotels can integrate with local tour operators, guides and restaurants near tourist attractions so that guests can pay for all these services at the hotel itself. This would enable customers to have a hassle free holiday without the incessant worry of the cash crunch.

Experts believe that demonetization will eventually result in greater growth in the hospitality industry even though the immediate future looks bleak. Hotels in the organised sector will gain maximum benefit from the demonetization drive as more customers begin to shift to these hotels. In order to survive and emerge stronger than ever before, hoteliers must embrace the world of digital payments with wholehearted enthusiasm.


Best Channel Manager For Hotels


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The Hotelsimply channel manager is one of the leading hotel management software to manage all your bookings across all channels.
Some of the key features of the channel manager are mentioned below.
  • Increse your interent revenue, brand awareness and enhance your online strategy.
  • 24/7 rates and availability updates worldwide, on your laptop or smartphone.
  • One login fits all, instant simultaneous updates of all online channels.
  • Seamless updates during handovers and staff changes.
  • Control your rates and availability precisely, using one login.
  • React faster to your competitors rates online.
  • Robust, customizable, cloud based software.


It is a one stop shop for the hotelier to seamlessly manage, distribute hotel s inventory across multiple OTAs through a single screen. HotelSimply 24×7 channel manager works in the background with its centralized management system to automates room distribution across  all OTAs. Never worry about updating your room inventory on any of your online sales channels, because HotelSimply ensures that if you have an empty room, it is immediately pushed out to the OTAs.

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Property Management System –


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Property management system is very useful for hotel  and hospitality industry.Hotelsimply provides the best property management system (PMS ) for all small large and medium hotels.Property management and integrated channel manager are very useful for hotels.

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Get one of the most comprehensive cloud based property management solution. Market your brand online, Manage Bookings, Assign Tasks to in-house functions, Connect with OTAs, Manage your room inventory, Track and assign housekeeping activities, Manage sales and marketing activities and  much more through single user friendly and comprehensive solution customized for your hotel. HotelSimply PMS gives your complete control over your front desk and sales channels through a single login from any web-based device or a mobile app, anywhere in the world.

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Best Online Hotel Bookings


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Now a days  online booking hotels is one of the best choice for all people. Hotelsimply is best choice for online  hotel booking for travelers. Hotelsimply is an web based hotel management software for online booking hotels.


Why now a days all are prefer online booking?

Now a days every people are interested to  select online booking.Its very easy for booking and get more discounts in online.who will go to shop and buy something, all are prefer online only.Now a days all are busy to our works and don’t waste the time,that type of peoples all are prefer online booking .Online booking is very useful for travels.Once will go to some other places ,all are thinking where the hotels and how to stay the hotels in new places in the world.That type of peoples are prefers  online bookings.


Hotelsimply is best choice for online booking and reservation for hotels in all large,medium and small hotels.Hotel management software and online booking,booking engine and channel manager are very useful for online hotel booking.

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