Gone are the days … Make reservation with one click..!!


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Gone are the days when tourists had to call the reservation counters and end up in  making their hotel reservations. Even worse, if there was a situation of an emergency or a last minute travel plan change with the travelers being left with very few choices.

Thanks to the technological advancement where making the hotel reservation today is a very convenient process to the travelers. Be it an urgent client meeting or a weekend trip with the family, Hotel booking is just a few clicks away on your laptop/i pad or a mobile phone with an Internet connection at any given time from anywhere.

During the bus booking process HotelSimply another service HIMA enables a traveler to make hotel reservation along with bus booking, traveler will get a tiny URL along with bus reservation details just click on the tiny URL and traveler will be allowed to make reservation of best of the best hotels in and around their drop of point, the travelers can choose between the options of the luxury hotels, the location of their stay and be specific of their budget.


HotelSimply (A Hotel Management Software) from Bitla Software Private Limited is being  used by more than 150+ hotels Nationally and Internationally with a convenient Managing & Reporting System which has in turn contributed a positive experience to many hoteliers and travelers across.

HotelSimply is a Web-based Hotel Management Software for the hoteliers,agents and branch users  to manage their operations  i.e managing bookings, check-ins, check-outs, agents, branch agents, web services, e-booking, OTA bookings, SMS and more.

With effective use of HotelSimply PMS one can do SMS and E-mail marketing with the in house guests and also using the data of the checked out guests.

HotelSimply is highly robust,reliable, secure and since its cloud-based it is highly scalable as well. The call center service availability is 24/7 throughout the year to ensure that any issues relating to technical support or customer service is addressed immediately be it to the hoteliers or the travelers.

If you are managing a Hotel business with one hotel  or managing chain of hotels, HotelSimply has a ready to use solution ensuring a high ROI to your business.

know more about us:http://bit.ly/1llyNqz


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