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HotelSimply cloud PMS is secure,intelligent and can be easily accessed from anywhere,anytime by the property owner.The integrated channel manager services seamlessly ensures that hotel inventory with accurate pricing is available across all OTA’s.


1.Cloud based
In today’s fast paced world, anywhere anytime accessibility is the biggest need of the hour. HotelSimply being cloud based PMS application can be accessed on the go, 24/7 from any part of the world and help you manage your hotel operations without having to worry about the IT infrastructure.

2.Integrated Booking Engine
HotelSimply also features tightly integrated booking engine enabling hotel websites to allow netizens to book hotel accommodations on these websites. The booking engine is very intelligently designed and can blend with your existing website. HotelSimply booking engine comes with fully integrated payment gateway system that allows the hotelier to accept online payments in any currency.

3.In-built Channel Manager
With HotelSimply’s built-in channel manager you can now have total control over your inventory distribution in real time, across multiple OTAs. Powered by HotelSimply’s built-in channel manager, 100% occupancy would no more be a mere wish, but an everyday possibility.

4.Software Updates
All software & security updates will be automatically pushed to all the users without user having to manually update the system.

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