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Cloud based PMS is simplifies the A to Z hotel operation:

HotelSimply is a web based hotel management software witha a integrated Channel Manager.It is intelligently designed to automate and maximize the overall productivity and leverage the internet to increase the revenue

Cloud PMS Simplifies The HotelSimply:

1. Front Desk Management:

Guests checking in usually head straight for the front desk, as do the guests who are ready to check-out. Front desk managers are generally among the busiest members of the hotel’s staff – they’re responsible for shuttling guests in and out of rooms, managing reservations and staff, and just about any impromptu guest requirement.

2. Real-time Integration:

Real-time integration enables modern PMSs to connect to channel managers and the GDS, allowing the hotel to update room inventory seamlessly across all channels. This eliminates double-bookings and also allows the hotel to convert a cancellation into a new booking opportunity.


3. Point-of-sale Terminals:

While room sales may indeed be the main source of revenue for hotels, income generated by other departments can also have a significant impact on the bottom-line. Restaurants, gift shops,hotels and other such points-of-sale (POS) can bring in a lot of money when efficiently managed by the hotel. A modern PMS enhances administration of these various POS terminals.

4. Staff Management:

A cloud based system allows managers to assign responsibilities and tasks to a number of personnel in various departments, all from a single point of control.  The PMS also usually offers a separate touch-enabled dashboard or check-list which can be updated by employees on their own devices.

5. Report Compilation:

As the PMS builds a bigger and bigger repository of information and guest data after extended use, the system can dive into this data on demand and produce a variety of reports that analyze different aspects of the hotel from housekeeping, room sales, POS revenue, and even guest trends.

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